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The South American camelid fiber market is composed of vicuña, guanaco, alpaca and llama fiber, being the alpaca the most important and developed material with 4.000 tons processed per year.

The amount of alpaca and llama fibers (as a rough material) available in Bolivia is higher than what the national industry is able to process in spite of all the efforts that were made in the last 15 years to strengthen this sector, mainly in the area of the rough material producers. Nowadays, there are only three industries producing alpaca and llama Tops and Threads.

As a result of research and technological development in removing the thick fibers or bristles (dehairing), the llama fiber reaches a similar quality of the alpaca fiber. The international demand for this fiber is growing since it is considered a cheaper ideal substitute of the alpaca fiber.

The industries dedicated to produce combed fiber and threads of llama fiber have more opportunities to succeed mainly in the specialty fibers international market.

   Last Modified: 09-18-2009