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Fibras Andinas´ strategy is based on: a) efficient fiber collection and classification, b) strong relationship with the producers’ rural communities, c) good work removing the thick fiber or bristles, d) permanent quality control with the necessary technological resources e) integration of all processes from collection to Tops production. You may purchase college research papers on this topic by contacting our editors and explaining the main idea you project has to represent.

This business demands a permanent search for reliable sellers and good quality control with a strict and defined classification policy. Consequently, our purchases are based in the intensive and direct participation of the rough material worker as an important part of the productive chain.

Our process of removing the thick fibers or bristles is made with special dehairing machines and the quality control is made with an OFDA laboratory that measures the principal characteristics of the fiber such as its finesse and comfort. Both process allow us to satisfy the market demand.

Our Mission is primarily promoting the llama fiber to acquires a high value and a visible, intensive and important participation in the exotic fiber market. Secondly, it is to participate in the creation of jobs and to contribute to the well being of the fiber producer families and communities.

   Last Modified: 01-24-2009