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What is a fiber?
Features of LLama fiber
Organic Llama fiber
Exotic fibers
LLama Tops
Uses of Llama Tops
Purchasing Process

1. Fiber.

It is the hair that covers the LLama's body. The LLama also have a fine hair underneath a heavy layer of hair that use it to protect itself from the cold. This fine part of its hair can be used for crafts, clothes and textiles. The external heavy hair is used for blankets and carpets. The fiber comes in diverse colors that varies from brown light, brown dark and black gray. The fiber can be measured in micrometers. 1 micrometer = 1/1000 millimeter. The LLama fiber varies of 16 to 40 microns.

2. Features.

The LLama Fiber is a luxury fiber, it does not have lanolin and it is very light and versatile fiber. This fiber does not produce allergy, by the fact that naturally does not have lanolin. Technically the LLama fiber does not consider wool by the structure of walls that it has characteristic that makes strong, light and good insulator from the cold.

The uniqueness of the structure of this fiber is to conserve the heat generated by the body by his remarkable quality, and durability. A study made by F.H. Bowman shows the relative force of following fibers:

Human hair 100.0

Australian Merino 122.8

Lincoln wool 96.4

Mohair 136.2

South Down Wool 62.6

Alpaca 358.5

3.Organic LLama Fiber.

Fibras Andinas promotes and support sustainable agricultural cultural systems and procesess that reduce the negative ecological impact in the LLama fiber production.

4. Exotic fibers.

Century XXI has been considered like one of the great resurgences of the art in the history. The natural animal fibers, such as alpaca, llama, angora, merino, and the fibers of the plants, mainly cotton and bamboo, have gotten to be easier and less expensive to process them, therefore its availability in the market has extended. The users will find that the exotic fibers, such as the fiber of llama, alpaca, angora, merino, camel, yak, silk, bamboo, and qiviut, have a great reputation. A new approach within the industry of the spinning has begun making of the new spinnings a newness, that could produce remarkable results. The designers have begun by hand creating patterns of tricot with immediate satisfaction of their clients.

5. Tops.

The Llama Tops, is the result of the processes of classification, washing and dehairing. It is the combined fiber that is ready to be used in textiles, wools to weave by hand or machine, and to make looms of exclusive or artistic designs.

6. Uses of Llama Tops.

The LLama Fiber, serves to make fabrics and wools to weave sumptuous and luxurious that are the option of many designer. At the moment an American designer known by his classic style, call Bill Blass, who has had an ample acceptance with his creations based on llama fiber fabric. See the following Link:

7. Purchasing Process.

For purchasing, send a fax with the order of purchase in a letter head of your company to the fax number: (591) 2 - 2415999, signed by the person in charge of the department of purchases. Once we receive this order of purchase, we will contact you to define a sales contract, conditions of sale and payment. Once signed the contract by both parties we will process the shipment.

   Last Modified: 01-24-2009