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Some facts about Chile…

The Chilean economy is the 30th most dynamic of the world thanks to its sustained growth between 1990 and 2008 (IMF).

Chile is the safest country in Latin America according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Peace Index 2008.

Chile is the country with best business environment in Latin America (The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2009).

Chile’s Country Risk is among the lowest in the world appearing 30th out of 120 and is the leader in Latin America (The Economist Intelligence Unit, March 2009).

The Global Competitiveness Index 2008-2009 published by the World Economic Forum in October 2008, ranked Chile 28th out of 134 economies and is the leader in Latin America.

Over 4,000 companies from at least 60 countries have operations in Chile nowadays.

Chile has signed over 20 trade agreements with 56 countries to date.

Chile is the main exporter of fresh fruits in the Southern Hemisphere, completing 50% of total shipments in the region.

The U.S. has been the major importer of Chilean exports during the first quarter of 2009, receiving 18% of them (US$ 1,884 million).

Food exports in 2008 reached US$ 12,000 million, almost doubling the total achieved in 2007.

Worldwide 9,800,000 people drink daily a glass of Chilean wine.

Las Payachatas Lago Chungará, Arica & Parinacota Region (Photo Isabel Paz)

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